For Love of the Game

Today marks a milestone for me...I never thought I would be a blogger! 


Three years ago I decided to start a side business as I was coaching full-time at Princeton University. I wanted to work with kids in the Princeton community and share my passion for the game with them. Champions League Soccer Academy started as a side project and has since blossomed into a successful supplemental soccer training academy based in New Jersey. Since I started the soccer academy in 2013, I've witnessed the tremendous growth of so many of my soccer players. Players have moved up to ECNL clubs, higher level clubs, and have gotten increased playing time :-) Not only have they improved dramatically, but their love of the game has grown exponentially. For me, that is the most rewarding element of it all! 

The only way I can really describe my passion and love for the game of soccer is to reference the Kevin Costner movie "For Love of the Game." Does anyone remember that one (probably only parents :-))?? I could watch that movie on repeat and have probably seen it fifteen times in my life. The movie never gets old, because I can completely relate with Kevin Costner. To have a true passion and something that brings you so much joy in your life is a true blessing. While the journey of following your passion comes with its successes and hardships, so does life and I think that movie really hits the nail on the head! Soccer has brought me so much joy and sometimes a bit of anguish but it has also opened up so many doors and possibilities for me to see the world, meet amazing people, and continue to stay as active and young as I possibly can.  It has made me feel alive!

To see passion for the game grow in my players, is like watching For Love of the Game all over again...and that story will never get old :-)