Dear Soccer Friends,

            I am excited to offer players an environment that gives them the freedom to take risks and develop their unique style and personality on the field. I have created a holistic supplemental training environment that challenges players to improve technically in order to unlock their true potential. This project is very exciting to me as it is a culmination of all the wonderful soccer influences that have made me the player and coach I am today. Soccer has taken me around the world and afforded me incredible experiences and opportunities. I feel proud that I've competed and excelled at the DI collegiate level, played professionally in France and Germany, traveled the world, represented my country, and continually travel with and observe some of the top clubs and players in the world.

            I grew up in Harrington Park, NJ, a small town outside of NYC.  I began playing soccer for our local recreational team at the age of six and immediately fell in love with the game.  In Northern NJ, I was fortunate to be surrounded by fantastic coaches; former Olympic players and coaches, MLS players, and international superstars. I spent my summers training all day long and hours playing in amazing pickup games with top professional male players. It was in those pickup games that I really picked up on the intricacies of the game. I felt the most alive in those environments and to this day feel they were my greatest teacher.

            I developed into a very unique and creative player, which ultimately opened up many doors for me. I was recruited to play at a multitude of universities but ultimately decided on Princeton. Education is extremely important to me and I knew that if I worked hard enough I could also achieve great things as an athlete at Princeton. I ultimately achieved the unthinkable. I became a First Team All-American, two-time Ivy League Player of the Year, the top point holder for Princeton soccer and led my team to an NCAA Final Four. Our run to the Final Four made us the only team to reach a Final Four in a 64-team tournament in all of Ivy League history. As a result of my successful career at Princeton I became a member of the U-21 US National Team and from there I went on to play professionally abroad in the top leagues in Germany and France.

            After playing professionally in Europe, I coached collegiately at Seton Hall and Princeton University.  In those eight years of coaching and recruiting, I spent countless hours observing and coaching players at the youth and collegiate levels.  What I noticed was that players were not being trained in the technical and creative environments that I was fortunate enough to have experienced. Very few players played with freedom and creativity.

           My program encourages players to be creative, competitive, and develop their true passion for the game.  My training incorporates all my wonderful soccer experiences and influences in order to help players reach their true potential. I am extremely excited to have created this environment and look forward to seeing you at training.


Yours truly,