College Soccer Recruitment Consulting

Esmeralda Negron, a former NCAA DI athlete, coach, and recruiting coordinator, provides a consulting service for girls in grades 9-12. Operating within the context of all NCAA rules, she provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to the soccer recruitment process. Esmeralda is committed to helping players find the best fit academically and athletically.

*Esmeralda Negron no longer works for or is affiliated with any NCAA institution. The recruiting service she provides falls within the context of all NCAA rules.

Custom packages are available upon request. Please contact Esmeralda Negron for further information.


Why we offer this service?

The recruitment process for female soccer players aspiring to play at the collegiate level has become very competitive, selective, and time-consuming.  It can seem daunting and confusing to many parents and prospective student athletes (PSA’s). Esmeralda Negron has eight years of experience as a coach and recruiter at the division I collegiate level both in the Big East Conference and the Ivy League.  Her knowledge with respect to NCAA rules and recruitment will help families develop an organized and informed approach towards the recruitment process.

Esmeralda is dedicated to creating an organized, simple and comprehensive approach towards college recruitment. She listens to and understands the needs and goals of the athlete in order to give you the best chance at achieving that goal. Where your child goes to college is an important decision and she is committed to helping you find the right fit both academically and athletically.