Our Approach

Esmeralda Negron takes on a unique and holistic approach to soccer training and developing her players. Soccer players, as with any other athletes, must maintain a strong mind body connection. Esmeralda Negron will incorporate yoga and bodyweight strength and conditioning exercises into her elite soccer training in order to maximize potential on the field, prevent injury, and increase mental focus.


Elite Soccer Training

Esmeralda Negron offers a unique soccer training experience for competitive soccer players in Mercer and Bergen County. Her athletes come from all over central and norther New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania. Athletes need to currently be in grades 3-12 and aspire to compete at the highest levels. Her training emphasis is on developing the technical proficiency of each player, as well as promoting creativity and passion for the game of soccer. Sessions focus on soccer movement, coordination and agility. Esmeralda Negron has modeled the program after the professional level training environments she experienced while playing professionally in Europe as well as traveling with some of the best teams in the world. Some of these programs are Manchester United, Lyon, Real Madrid, PSG and Chelsea.


Yoga is an excellent way to calm the mind and increase focus. In addition, it increases flexibility, balance, overall strength and resistance to injury. These are all extremely important for soccer players.

Strength and Conditioning

Esmeralda Negron incorporates bodyweight strength and conditioning training into her sessions.  Strength and conditioning plays a vital role in improving performance and preventing injury.