College Recruitment Consulting
Dealing with the pressure of college soccer recruitment can be difficult and stressful for both players and parents. Esmeralda Negron helps parents develop an organized and realistic approach, giving her clients an edge on the competition.

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Academy Training
Academy training is a group supplemental training environment offered to boys and girls in grades 3-12. Sessions in the fall, winter and spring range from 5-8 weeks. Training is offered twice a week and players have the option of participating full-time (2x / week) or part-time (1x / week). Within the academy environment players are grouped based on age and ability. Technical work, agility, possession, and small-sided games are stressed in this environment. 

Private Training and Small Group Training
One-on-one and small group training focus on technical skill and any areas of weakness. A game evaluation prior to private and small-group training is recommended in order to evaluate where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Player Evaluation and Video Analysis
Trainers evaluate players at club team competitions or via game film. A written assessment on athleticism, vision, and technique will be provided to the player following the evaluation as well as suggested exercises to improve areas of weakness. Private sessions are recommended following an evaluation .